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Improve visual health without surgery

Vision therapy is a non-invasive and safe approach to improve visual health and address concerns like amblyopia and eye alignment issues.

We employ diagnostic tests, training procedures, and therapeutic tools like lenses and prisms for the purpose to eliminate surgery. Whether for children or adults, Vision Therapy boosts visual comfort and results in lasting improvements.

Few About Vision Therapy

It is a type of physical therapy for improving the eye functions, the inter-relation between two eyes, hand and brain. It is a highly effective & non invasive therapy for several visual problems, eg. lazy eye, crossed eyes, double vision, focusing & learning disabilities.

What is involved in a Vision Therapy Program?

Vision Therapy is not just Eye Exercises!

Vision Therapy is not to be confused with so many self-help programs of eye exercises, aimed at reducing eye power (of course is never possible!). The goal of Vision Therapy is not to strengthen eye muscles, which are already very strong. Many very specialized equipment are used in Vision Therapy programs. Corrective & therapeutic lenses, Prisms, Optical filters, Occluders or eye patches, Specialised stereo-Computer software, balance boards, visual-motor-sensory integration training devices etc. are some of them.

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